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Annual Performance Evaluation Timelines

Nick Youngson
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HRS Guide to Performance Evaluations

Handbook for Department Leaders: Performance Evaluations

 Benefit-eligible FacultyAdjunctsDepartment Chairs/ Heads/ DirectorsAssistant/ Associate DeansDeans (annual review)Deans (3-year review)Professional StaffClassified Staff
Relevant PoliciesAnnual Faculty Performance Evaluation (Policy 4290)Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation (Policy 4290)Department Chair Evaluation (Policy 4530)NAAnnual Evaluation Of Deans (Policy 4520)Annual Evaluation Of Deans (Policy 4520)Professional Employee Performance Evaluation (Policy 7300)Classified Employee Performance Evaluation (Policy 7400)
Lecturer Faculty (Policy 4250)Adjunct Faculty (Policy 4220)HRS guideHRS guide
Clinical Faculty (Policy 4490)
Research Faculty Policies and Procedures (Policy 5010)
Employee submits materials to supervisorFebruary 1set by supervisorDean's discretionDean's discretionend of FebruaryOctober 15See policySee policy
Faculty/staff/student feedback deadlineNANAPrior to April 1Dean's discretionend of FebruaryOctober 31See policySee policy
Draft shared with employeeMarch 31set by supervisorDean's discretionDean's discretionMarch-AprilFebruary 5See policySee policy
Supervisor and employee meetingencouraged, but optionalset by supervisorDean's discretionDean's discretionAprilFebruary 15See policySee policy
Employee responseyesYesDean's discretionDean's discretionMarch-April5 business days from Feb 5See policySee policy
Appeal processyesyesNADean's discretionSee policySee policySee policy
Final evaluation submittedApril 14Must be regular and consistentNot specified in policy. After April 1 but before the end of the fiscal yearDean's discretionMay 1Prior to Spring BreakMarch 1See policy/HR website