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Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award Criteria and Process

I. Purpose

The purpose of the Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award is to honor adjunct faculty members at Boise State University who are demonstrating excellence in teaching. The award will be given annually.

II. Eligibility

Any adjunct faculty member teaching in the current academic year who meets these criteria are eligible for this award:

  • has held an appointment at Boise State for at least three semesters (sequentially or non-sequentially) prior to the current semester and
  • has taught at least nine credits at Boise State.

III. Nominations


The following materials must be submitted:

  • Nominee’s curriculum vita
  • Nomination Narrative: Support for the nomination by the nominee’s chair, a colleague of the nominee (including a fellow adjunct faculty member), or the nominee themselves, detailing how the nominee’ demonstrates  teaching excellence in the categories below:
      • Maintains current content knowledge
      • Promotes student learning and success
        • Designs courses to promote learning and success for students
        • Promotes an environment conducive to learning
      • Supports students in finding meaningful engagement along their educational journey
      • Fosters connections with and among students toward a “relationship-rich” education

Optionally, the narrative may also include information about the nominee’s participation in faculty development opportunities (for example, workshops offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning or eCampus Center) and/or sharing of pedagogical knowledge through presentations, workshops, publishing, etc.

  • Additional Materials for Finalists

A subcommittee will review the nominations and invite a group (of no more than five) finalists to submit further evidence for consideration. This evidence will consist of up to three pages of supporting materials (see this document for examples) and an optional additional letter of support for the nomination (from peers, administrators or students).

IV. Procedures

At the beginning of the spring term, the Adjunct Advisory Committee shall solicit nominations for the award. Nominations are due by March 1. A subcommittee of adjunct representatives from each academic college will meet in March to review the nominations, choose, and contact finalists. Finalists will submit additional materials, which will be reviewed by the AAC, which will then choose an awardee by May 1.
Past recipients of the award are not eligible. Nominees who are not chosen in a given year are encouraged to re-submit their materials for consideration the following year.

V. Award Details

Recipients will receive a cash award for $2000 and be recognized at the end of the spring term as part of the annual Employee Appreciation process.

Updated January 30, 2023

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