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Department Leaders Advisory Council


The purpose of the Department Leaders Advisory Council is twofold:

  • to review drafts of new or revised policies that affect the academic mission of the University, the working conditions of the faculty, and/or the responsibilities of department leaders, and to provide recommendations to the policy originator(s) before being reviewed by Ed Council
  • to advise the Assistant Provost for Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs on matters related to their roles as department leaders

Policies under review will be routed first to the Department Leaders Advisory Council before being routed to the Ed Council.


The Advisory Council will meet monthly, at a minimum, and may meet more frequently as needed and as agreed upon by the Council members. The Assistant Provost will convene the meetings and distribute materials prior to the meeting.

The Council will be facilitated by the Assistant Provost for Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs (AL-FA) in coordination with the Senior Project Coordinator for AL-FA and the University Policy Officer.


Members are determined as follows:

  • Representatives from each college and from University Foundations, as appropriate and available
  • Minimum of 8, maximum of 14
  • Membership is determined by the number of undergraduate and graduate majors in the college, with one representative for every 1800 majors (based on the most recent DAR)


Ex Officio

  • Assistant Provost of Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs (AL-FA), Michelle Payne
  • Senior Project Coordinator for AL-FA, Stephanie Ritchie Breach
  • University Policy Officer, Angie Zirschy


Department Leaders Advisory Council Members 2022-2023

UnitRepresentatives per 1800 majorsNames
Arts & Sciencesup to 3, one per area as defined in Faculty Senate Bylaws:
Anthropology, Art, Design and Visual Studies, History, Music, Theatre, Film and Creative Writing, and World Languages
Communication, English [currently Writing Studies, Linguistics, English Literature, and Global Humanities/Cultural Studies], Philosophy, Psychological Science, and Sociology
Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Geosciences, Mathematics, and Physics
Business & Economicsup to 2Troy Hyatt
Educationup to 1
Engineeringup to 1
Health Sciencesup to 3
Innovation & Designup to 1
Public Serviceup to 1Luke Fowler
Libraryup to 1
University FoundationsUp to 1Matt Recla
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