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Spring 2022 Mid-Cycle Review of the University

In spring 2022, the university successfully completed a Mid-Cycle Review by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The mid-cycle review is a part of the regular accreditation cycle; it occurs three years after the last full accreditation review, and four years before the next one. The university submitted a Mid-Cycle Review Report as part of our evaluation process. Evaluators commended the clear buy-in, support, and enthusiasm for the Blueprint for Success, 2021-2026 strategic plan and complimented the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the University Strategic Planning Council, and university leadership for fostering a collaborative, engaging planning process. Most importantly, the evaluators found significant evidence that Boise State is well-situated for its Spring 2026 Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness report and visit. 

In late July 2022, we received the official 2022 NWCCU commission letter regarding the spring 2022 Mid-Cycle Review. The letter summarizes the NWCCU’s decision to accept our report to fulfill our requirements, and it provides an update on our recommendations from the self-study and full accreditation review in 2019. Future evaluations include the Policies, Regulations and Financial Review to be completed in Spring 2025, and the Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness (the full review) in Spring 2026.