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Bronco Cribs | Towers Double Room with Kolby

Welcome to Bronco Cribs, where we give you the inside scoop into the living spaces of current Broncos. In this episode, we’re exploring Kolby’s community in Towers Hall. Kolby is a first-year student studying Communications who’s found a happy balance between privacy and community in her residence hall.

Video Transcript – Bronco Cribs | Towers Double Room with Kolby

Described as a warm, “close-knit family”, Towers Hall is a traditional residence hall home to almost 300 first-year students. Students can enjoy privacy with double rooms divided by a partial wall in each suite, but can also find their community in common rooms located on every floor.

When it comes to living communally, Kolby learned that developing some simple agreements with roommates provided a comfortable framework for working through differences and finding happy mediums. While it’s great to get along with your roommates, she shares a friendly reminder to incoming students, “you don’t always have to be best friends with them.” Sometimes it’s enough to simply coexist.

One of the most important parts of living on campus is making the space your own. Kolby notes, “I was able to decorate it with a lot of things I have from home, including a mood light that my mom has the other half of. So when we miss each other, we can just tap it.”

With great access to downtown, the greenbelt and frequently trafficked buildings on campus like the Morrison Center, Center for Visual Arts, and the Micron Business and Economics Building, Towers Hall is a prime location for students. As an added bonus, Towers Hall recently opened a new gym exclusively for residents located on the first floor.

Ready to discover more about living at Towers Hall and other housing options? Dive into Bronco Cribs for an insider’s view and find your perfect home away from home.

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