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Bronco Cribs | University Square

Ever wonder what dorm life is like at Boise State? Bronco Cribs takes you on a tour of each on campus residence hall to give YOU an inside scoop of life as a Bronco. In this episode, we’re exploring University Square with Gianna, a first year film and television production major. Gianna found her home in her community, the four buildings making up University Square – Jade, Jasper, Garnet, and Topaz.

Video Transcript – Bronco Cribs | University Square

University Square has all the conveniences of home in an apartment-style layout, including in-unit kitchen and laundry. Just a short walk from campus, this residence hall is perfect for students wanting to live a more independent lifestyle.

One of Gianna’s biggest tips for move-in day was to not bring too many items from home. While making the space your own is highly encouraged, less is always more.

Because of the unique layout of University Square, Gianna and her roommates found balance between privacy and social time. Gianna adds, “that’s also the nice thing about having a living room too. If one of us wants to be in the living room, one of us wants to be in the room, we can do that. We can have the time to ourselves.”

Although University Square doesn’t have a traditional residence hall layout, there are plenty of ways to find your community. Gianna notes, “the best thing about Square is our big community and our community aspect of having the different buildings all around.” Community events are held year round by Housing and Residence Life, including the Water Carnival and the Healthy Habits Hoedown.

If you’re looking for a taste of independence with the perks of living on campus, University Square could be your perfect fit. With apartment-style living, convenient location and community events, University Square offers the perfect blend of privacy and connection, making it a great place to call home.

Want to learn more about University Square and life on campus? Check out our other Bronco Cribs episodes – your campus adventure awaits!

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