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Allied Health Sciences

The School of Allied Health Sciences at Boise State University is dedicated to Lifelong Educational Excellence. Our mission is to leverage unique health related disciplines using a collaborative and resourceful approach to deliver high quality education and scholarship that advances lifelong health.

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Faculty Research Lightning Rounds

Join us on October 21, 2020 at 3pm as the College of Health Sciences and the School of Public Service present faculty research lightning rounds in the areas of Resilience and Health.

Faculty will be discussing the following ongoing research:

Resilience for the Rocky Road: Utilizing a resilience-based framework to support first year student-athletes . Eric Martin, PhD, CMPC, Co-Director of the Center for Physical Activity and Sport, Department of Kinesiology.

Evolutionary Perspectives on Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors. Kristin Snopkowski, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology.

It’s All About Community in (Resilience) Research.  April S. Masarik, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Science.

Behavioral Endocrinology: Perception and Pathways from the External to the Internal. Kathryn Demps, PhD, Associate Professor, Human Behavioral Ecologist, Department of Anthropology.

Salutogenic Strategies to Enhance Holistic Wellness. James Beauchemin, PhD, LCSW, Assistant Professor School of Social Work.

Undergraduate Student Stress, Resilience, and Campus Support. Kelly R. Rossetto, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Communication. 

Mapping the Resilience Landscape among the Marginalized Populations: Insights from the Global South. Saleh Ahmed, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Public Service, Boise State University.

 A Holistic Approach to Modeling Community Disaster Resilience. Brittany D Brand, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, Director for the Boise State Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute (HCRI).

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Housed in the College of Health Sciences, our School is home to three departments: Kinesiology, Radiologic Sciences, and Respiratory Care. We also have a standalone MS program in Genetic Counseling.

Whether you know where you’re headed, or need help figuring out your best degree pathway, we’re here to help. Schedule an appointment with our director Dr. Bob Wood to explore your options.

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We collaborate with these Centers to ensure that our students are able to access the resources and connections they need to fulfill their academic and career goals.

Center for Orthopaedic and Biomechanics Research

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Center for Physical Activity and Sport

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Center for the Study of Aging

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Faculty Research Lightning Rounds: Resilience and Health

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The School is Housed Under the

College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences strives to provide high quality, affordable, relevant education to its students and the campus community through health-related initiatives and resources. The college believes that students can learn more from each other through interprofessional education learning opportunities to advance life-long health in global communities. Below is the list of schools, resources, and initiatives housed in the College of Health Sciences.

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