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Kristin Snopkowski

Kristin Snopkowski Studio Portrait

Associate Professor
Phone: (208) 426-3055
Office: Hemingway Building, Room 51


Kristin Snopkowski is an evolutionary anthropologist and human behavioral ecologist. Her research focuses on the ways that evolutionary and ecological forces shape modern human variation, with a particular focus on reproductive decision-making, intergenerational and sexual cooperation and conflict, mental-health, menopause, and hormonal correlates.

She (along with Dr. Kathryn Demps) runs the Behavioral Endocrinology Laboratory which examines the interrelation of hormones and behavior.

Kristin is the Program Coordinator for the Data Analytics with R certificate.


Ph.D., Anthropology, University of New Mexico

M.S., Anthropology,  University of New Mexico

B.S., Computer Science, Cornell University

Research Interests

  • Behavioral Endocrinology
  • Evolutionary Demography
  • Fertility Transition
  • Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Kinship
  • Life History Theory

Lab Group

Evolutionary Perspective on Parenting, Reproduction, and Mating Strategies

Courses Taught

  • Biological Anthropology
  • Human Behavioral Ecology
  • Human Evolutionary History and Development
  • Kinship and Social Organization
  • Principles of Data Science
  • Senior Practicum-Portfolio
  • Statistical Methods in Anthropology
  • Statistical Modeling in R
Collage of Kristin Snopkowski in the field