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Undergraduate Course Information

A complete list of Anthropology department undergraduate courses and their descriptions can be found in the undergraduate catalog.

Current and Planned Course Offerings

Anthropology Specific Courses

ANTH 490 Archaeology Field School

ANTH 490 ARCHAEOLOGY FIELD SCHOOL (1-20-6) (SU). Six weeks of on-site field training in the archaeological techniques of site reconnaissance and excavation. Focus will be placed on the observation, recording, and recovery of field data. Instruction includes preliminary laboratory processing and artifact analysis. Special fee required for food and housing. PREREQ: ANTH 103 and PERM/INST. Learn more about this course. Read more about ANTH 490.

ANTH 492 Senior Practicum-Portfolio

ANTH 492 SENIOR PRACTICUM-PORTFOLIO (1-0-1) (F) (FF). A capstone course designed to help seniors develop and construct their senior portfolio. Included in the course is the departmental “portfolio review”. PREREQ: ANTH 303 or ANTH 306 and senior standing. Read more about ANTH 492.

ANTH 493 Internship

Internship credits are earned in supervised fieldwork specifically related to your major. Learn more about completing an Anthropology Internship.

Anthropology Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)

Designing Healthier Communities

Participate in faculty research and engage in projects with community partners in a variety of roles providing direct experience with diverse user research (UX) practices, from field observations to interview transcription. You will analyze and interpret data and develop insights relevant to design decisions. Instructor permission is required to enroll. Learn how to get involved in this VIP project.

  • 1-2 credit hours
  • Talk to your advisor about how you can use this course to count toward your degree requirements.