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Honorary Doctorate Recipients

Honorary doctoral degrees┬árecognize individuals of outstanding accomplishment in scholarship, creativity, public service, education, or contributions to human welfare. The recipient must exhibit a career of extraordinary and lasting distinction that serves as an inspiration to students and an indication of values that are esteemed by the university. An honorary doctoral degree is unrelated to the university’s doctoral programs and has a distinct title different from existing degrees.

2022Sanjay Mehrotra
2019Hamdi Ulukaya and Judge Sergio Gutierrez
2018Robert G. Miller
2017No recipient
2016Timothy Egan
2015Greg Carr
2014Marilyn Shuler
2013No recipient
2012Allen Dykman
2011John Elorriaga
2010Velma Morrison
2009Bethine Church
2008Barbara Morgan
2007Steve Appleton
2006Ralph R. Peterson
2005Deng Pufang
2004Cecil Andrus
2004Michael Hofffman