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PathwayU Information for Faculty

PathwayU is an online platform to guide students to purpose when making critical choices about education, career, and employment. Patented predictive analytics have shown students who complete PathwayU have higher GPAs, are more likely to persist in their academic and career programs, are better able to communicate their career goals, are less stressed about identifying their career options and have more confidence in their ability to make career decisions. PathwayU is a game changer for our institution and our students, having measurable positive impacts on retention, student attitudes, and performance.

It takes about 20-25 minutes for students to complete the assessment. They are then able to learn more about themselves from their results and explore their career matches.

PathwayU assesses interests, personality, values, and workplace preferences. This information helps students learn about their preferred environments, communication with others, and other important factors when considering a career path. Explanation of results and guidance on next steps is provided.

This assessment offers a faculty notification feature which will allow you to verify student completion.  

Features to Use in the Classroom


PathwayU offers worksheets and a workbook that students can complete to help deepen their understanding of their results and career matches. These worksheets can easily be assigned to students or adapted if needed.

Boise State Academic Program Mapping

For students who are undeclared or still exploring their major, PathwayU shows students which academic programs at Boise State align with their career matches.

This feature also allows students to see career options that correspond to their academic program.


Tips are available on various career topics such as networking, resumes, and interviewing. These resources can help students better understand how to be successful in obtaining a career.

The job search tool embedded into the platform lets students search for jobs using Indeed or Handshake. Students can filter the job search by their matches so they are able to find jobs that are a strong match based on their results.

Military Crosswalk

For veteran students, the military crosswalk feature shows which careers match their previous experience in the military. Veterans can search by their military code and branch. 

Your Career Services liaison is excited to assist you with integrating PathwayU into your course. We offer consultations and presentations for the classroom.

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