Sigi 3 Career Assessment

Sigi 3 takes an introductory look at all the major factors affecting your career choice – your interests, abilities, values, and personality. It then uses that information to provide you with a list of potential career options to explore. It is both a career assessment and a career information database, integrating self-assessment with in-depth and up-to-date career information to help you make well-informed decisions about your career path. It is offered free of charge by Career Services.

Our career assessments, including Sigi 3, are used as part of the career counseling process, so in order to take it, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a career counselor. Your career counselor will discuss goals and objectives for completing the assessment, and review the results with you in a follow-up appointment.

Sigi 3 Instructions

Log in to Sigi 3

If you have already met with a career counselor who created a Sigi 3 account for you, here are the instructions to log in:

  1. Go to the Boise State Sigi 3 login page.  Please note that you will NOT be able to access your account from the main page.
  2. Enter your Boise State student ID number as your User ID.
  3. Enter the word career as your password. You may change this password once you log in.

Log In to Sigi 3 Now

Taking the Assessments

There are a total of 5 assessments in Sigi. However, the way they are displayed can be confusing. To make sure you complete all 5:

  1. Under the “Self Assessment” section of the Main Menu page, click on “FastStart.” Completing this will create a summary profile for you.
  2. Below the FastStart link you will find links for the 4 full assessments – Values, Interests, Personality Type, and Skills. Note that once you have completed the FastStart, some of these may say “Refine your…” in front of the assessment name.
  3. Click on the title of each of the 4 assessments and carefully follow the instructions to complete each.
  4. Each time you complete an assessment, a green check mark will appear next to the title. You have not completed all of the assessments until you have 5 green check marks.

Using Your Results

  1. On the Main Menu page, use the “Suggested Occupations from Self-Assessments” link right under your completed assessments to generate a list of possible career options based on your assessment results.
  2. Under “Explore Occupations,” use the links provided to generate lists of possible career options based on your assessment results or other data you input.
  3. Note that Sigi is not the type of assessment that is designed to tell you what career you should pursue. Sigi takes the approach of gathering information about you, using that information to narrow down the list of all careers to those that might have more potential to fit you, and then providing information about each career so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s something you want to explore further. Click on those that look interesting and feel free to ignore the ones you already know you would not consider.
  4. On the Main Menu page, under “Explore Occupations,” use the links provided to generate other, more specific lists of possible career options.
  5. From any page that brings up occupation titles for you, you can click on an occupation title to access information about that career.
  6. When looking at information on a career, use the “Bookmark this” link at the top of the page to bookmark careers you want to explore further. This will create a list of your top career options, which will be of use to you in some of the other Sigi features, such as the “Deciding” and “Preparing” sections, and will also be used by your career counselor in your follow-up appointment.
  7. On the Main Menu page, right below the link to log out, there is a “Portfolio” link. Clicking on this will take you to a summary of your results on each of the 5 assessments you took. Your career counselor will review this section with you in your follow-up appointment.

Career Services Accessibility

Career Services is committed to providing equal access to all users and is working with vendors and partner organizations to improve our platforms. Should you encounter any challenges when using this tool, please contact us at 208-426-1747 or and we will assist you.