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Opportunities and Support for Students

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Apply to join the Student Leadership Board

Do you see ways your degree program could improve the way it serves students? Are there resources outside of your department you wish existed? Or served more students?

The purpose of the Student Leadership Board is to bring together a diverse group of students to provide suggestions and insights into student programs, academics and events that help shape your college experience.

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Center for Advising and Student Success

Academic advising can help you make informed and meaningful decisions about class selection, progress towards graduation, and achievement of your academic and career goals. Visit the Center for Academic Advising and Student Success website to schedule with your advisor.

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Forms and Policies

The¬†Registrar’s office is where you find the information and many of the forms you need to manage your classes and credits:



Internships are an integral component and extension of the academic offerings of the College of Arts and Sciences at Boise State University. Coordinated by departments within the College of Arts and Sciences, internships are designed to enhance the student’s total academic experience through a supervised and planned experience at a selected business or organization. For more information on internship opportunities, please visit department Web sites or contact the Boise State University¬†Career Center.

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