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Communications Resources

Submit your stories, events and design requests

Submit an event

Submit an event happening in your program

Share department stories

Share department stories and news

Design requests

Request graphic design and visual communications support

Communications and marketing resources

Social media and newsletters

Departments, programs and other units in the College of Arts and Sciences need to contact the communications team before creating social media accounts, newsletters and other communications channels. Contact the team at

Brand standards and guidelines

The Brand Standards website includes everything you need to know about Boise State’s brand. You can also find brand colors, the correct fonts and downloadable logos.

Writing style guide

Boise State uses AP style for websites, marketing and communications. The style guide helps with understanding Boise State-specific style considerations.

How to use WordPress

Visit the Webguide to find information about using WordPress at Boise State.  is your resource for WordPress and web accessibility at Boise State

Find information about using WordPress at Boise State. Visit the Webguide Support and Training pages for answers to common questions using WordPress at Boise State.

Website and digital content accessibility

Learn about web accessibility and explore how to make your web and digital content accessible.

Photo resources

We have two photo galleries available for university projects and websites. One is specific to the College of Arts and Sciences and the other is provided by Visual Services in the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Image and media specs and guidelines

Before using images and media on the Boise State website, learn more about image sizes for various pages, posts and panels. You can also find more information about using and optimizing images and media on that same website.

COAS photos and videos

These photos are available to all COAS faculty and staff to use for digital and print projects. The small files are provided to easily scroll through these. Please use the large files and optimize images correctly for websites.

Time permitting, the communications teams is also available to take pictures for your department or at events. Email them at for more details.

University Photo Galleries

This gallery is provided by the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM). You will need to create an account and request permission from OCM to download images.

Students and faculty communications

Communicating faculty research

Boise State’s Research and Creative Activity Communications Toolbox is a great resource for faculty who want to announce or promote their research and creative work publicly to a general audience.

This article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed is also a great resource for those who need to communicate about faculty research.

Communicating with students

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management oversee policies and procedures for communicating with students. Visit the Student Communications and Marketing website for information.

Opportunities for COAS students, staff and faculty

Do you have an opportunity, such as a grant or internship, for COAS students, faculty or staff? Use the Share Department Stories form and the communications team will work with you on an announcement.

University web and IT policies

University Web Policy (8040)
For public websites and electronic communications, read University Policy 8040.

Information Technology Accessibility Policy (8140)
University Policy 8140 describes accessibility requirements for all digital publications including websites, PDFs and images.

Student resources

Find resources for students

Faculty and staff resources

Find resources for faculty and staff
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