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Boise State University’s Venture College has been a central hub for innovative minds and entrepreneurial talent. One standout alumni is Christian Perry, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ChatterQuant, a cutting-edge social media tracking platform for finance. Perry’s entrepreneurial journey, marked by his participation in Venture College programs and success in the Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge (IEC) and the Hackfort Tech Challenge, showcases his passion for leveraging technology to provide invaluable insights to investors. 


Perry pursued a double major in Entrepreneurial Management and Business Administration at Boise State University. Armed with a strong foundation in business and management principles, Perry honed his skills and knowledge while simultaneously working towards graduation. He is on the verge of completing his academic journey with having only one class left. 

ChatterQuant, Perry’s first business creation, has quickly become a trusted provider of sentiment analysis tools. Through advanced natural language processing algorithms, the platform extracts valuable insights from social media platforms, news articles, and other online sources. Perry’s inspiration for ChatterQuant stemmed from his personal need for such data, combined with the successful trading results obtained through the algorithms developed by his business partner, Bars. Recognizing the value in their technology, Perry decided to market it to others, resulting in the creation of ChatterQuant.

Perry’s participation in various Venture College programs and entrepreneurial studies through the College of Business and Economics (COBE) played a pivotal role in shaping his entrepreneurial journey. The six-week Incubator course offered by Venture College was highly beneficial, but what truly stood out for Perry was the introductions to local entrepreneurs and investors facilitated through programs and staff introductions. These connections provided Perry with invaluable guidance and support, helping him navigate the challenges of building a startup.

The IEC proved to be a significant milestone for ChatterQuant. In 2022, Perry and his team emerged as the winners of the competition, securing first place. Their victory brought not only recognition but also monetary and mentorship rewards. Reflecting on his IEC experience, Perry advises prospective participants to, “focus on generating revenue or pre-orders, as tangible evidence of market demand can be a compelling argument for judges and potential investors.”

One of the defining moments for ChatterQuant was winning the prestigious FinTech award at the global TradeTech 2022 conference held in Paris. This recognition validated the importance of ChatterQuant’s innovative technology and affirmed the existence of a market fit for their product.

Since their IEC and FinTech victory, ChatterQuant has achieved remarkable milestones. The company was acquired by Money.Net Holdings Inc., a prominent fintech firm, solidifying ChatterQuant’s position in the industry. Perry commented on how thrilled he was to announce the merge. “This marks a significant milestone for both companies, combining our innovative technologies and expertise to revolutionize the financial industry. This acquisition sets the stage for exciting possibilities, propelling toward a future where data-driven decision-making is accessible to all.” Additionally, Perry and his team ventured into another AI-based company, which is gaining traction and has already achieved profitability. 

Looking ahead, Perry remains focused on developing and innovating in the AI space. He is particularly enthusiastic about the potential impact of large language models like ChatGPT, foreseeing endless opportunities for innovation in this field. Perry firmly believes that AI models will play a massive role in shaping the future and is eager to explore the vast possibilities they offer.

Perry’s entrepreneurial journey has been marked by valuable lessons and personal growth. He emphasizes that the measure of success is not solely determined by the outcome but rather by the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Regardless of success or failure, every experience provides valuable insights that can fuel the future.