Anne Hamby, Ph.D.

Anne Hamby

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Hamby joined the Department of Marketing at Boise State University in the fall of 2019. Before coming to Boise State, she taught at Hofstra University, located in the NYC metro area.

Her research focus is in the area of consumer psychology. Specifically, she studies how emotional and structural aspects of stories engage their audiences, and how engagement in stories influence beliefs and behavior in a marketing context. She is also interested in issues related to consumer well-being and examines the psychological, social, and cultural factors that influence risky consumption practices and prosocial behavior.

She has consulted with international and domestic nonprofit organizations operating in the areas of health, youth and risky consumption, and media literacy.

Her research has been published in leading outlets in marketing including the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and others.


  • Ph.D. in Marketing, Virginia Tech

Teaching Areas

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior

Featured Publications

Hamby, A., Shawver, Z., and Moreau, P. (2019). How character goal pursuit “moves” audiences to share meaningful stores. Media Psychology, forthcoming.

Russell, C. A., Hamby, A., Grube, J. W., and Russell, D. W. (2019). When do public health epilogues correct the influence of alcohol storylines on youth? The interplay of narrative transportation and persuasion knowledge. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 38, 316-331.

Weaver, K., and Hamby, A. (2019). When silence is golden: Conversational inferences from the absence of word-of-mouth communication. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 29, 3-21.

Russell, C., Hamby, A., and Russell, D. (2018). When a correction contradicts: Countermessages may increase adolescents’ ambivalence in response to drinking-related narratives. Journal of Advertising, 47, 395-411.

Hamby, A., and Ilyuk, V. (2018). A wolf in sheep’s clothing: How humanized, retargeted ads intrude in social contexts. Journal of Consumer Affairs, forthcoming.

Farrell, J. R., and Hamby, A. (2018). Vaping viewpoints: A multi-segment understanding of E-cigarette risk perceptions.Journal of Consumer Affairs53, 545-571.

Hamby, A., and Brinberg, D. (2017). Cause related marketing persuasion knowledge: Measuring consumers’ knowledge and ability to interpret CrM promotions.Journal of Consumer Affairs, 52, 373-392.

Hamby, A., Brinberg, D., and Daniloski, K. (2017). Reflecting on the journey: Mechanisms in narrative persuasion. Journal of Consumer Psychology. 27, 11-22.

Hamby, A., and Brinberg, D. (2016). Happily ever after: How ending valence influences narrative persuasion in cautionary stories. Journal of Advertising, 45, 498-508.

Hamby, A., Pierce, M., and Brinberg, D. (2016). Solving complex problems: Enduring solutions through social entrepreneurship, community action, and social marketing. Journal of Macromarketing, 37, 369-380.

Bublitz, M., Peracchio, L., Escalas, J., Furcheim, P., Grau., S., Hamby, A., Kay, M., Mulder., M., and Scott, A. (2016). Transformative storytelling: A framework for crafting stories for social change organizations. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 35, 237-248.

Hamby, A., Brinberg, D. and Jaccard, J. (2016). A conceptual framework of narrative persuasion. Journal of Media Psychology, 30113-124.

Hamby, A. (2016). One for me, one for you: Cause-related marketing with buy-one give-one promotions. Psychology & Marketing, 33, 692-703.

Hamby, A. and Brinberg, D. (2016). International service learning as social value co-creation. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, 28, 209-233.

Mulder, M., Rapp, J.,Hamby, A., and Weaver, T. (2015). Consumer transformation through volunteer service experiences.Services Industries Journal, 35, 865-882.

Hamby, A., Daniloski, K., and Brinberg, D. (2015). How consumer reviews persuade through narratives, Journal of Business Research, 68(6), 1242-1250.

Mason, M., Tanner, J., Piacentini, M., Freeman, D., Anastasia, T., Batat, W., Boland, W., Canbulut, M., Drenten, J., Hamby, A., Rangan, P., and Yang, Z. (2013). Advancing a youth-centered approach for risk behavior: Foundations, distinctions, and research directions. Journal of Business Research, 66, 1235-1241.



Nicosia award for Best Competitive Paper at the 2018 Association for Consumer Research Conference.


Communications Manager for the Association for Consumer Research

Serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Consumer Affairs

Ad Hoc reviewer for several marketing Journals