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How To: Register for OMBA Classes

All OMBA students are responsible for registering for their own courses in accordance with their course plan. Early registration is encouraged to ensure you are ready to begin classes. Please review the following information and instructions. If you have questions or need help, please contact your advisor or email

Step #1: Complete Financial Agreement

Before registering each semester, students must complete a Student Financial Agreement. This agreement establishes that the student both understands and accepts the financial responsibility of enrolling in classes.

Directions for completing the agreement may be found on the Student Financial Services website.

Step #2: Review Important Considerations and Reminders

Please review these important considerations and reminders before registering for classes:

  • For help exploring the curriculum and selecting courses, consult the Course Planning page.
  • Blue and Orange Carousels: When registering, ensure that you are selecting courses from the appropriate Blue or Orange carousel to avoid delays to graduation.
  • New students must register for BUSMBA 500 and BUSMBA 501 together. To do this, add both courses to your “shopping cart” then enroll in both from your shopping cart. Courses cannot be added individually since they are co-requisites.
  • It is strongly recommended that students register as early as possible and enroll in classes for the entire semester (both sessions – e.g. Fall 1 and Fall 2) at once. This is required for full financial aid eligibility.
  • A maximum of nine (9) credits may be registered per session, eighteen (18) credits per semester. OMBA Students typically register for four (4) credits per session or eight (8) credits per semester.

Step #3: Register for Classes

To register for classes, log in to and navigate to Student Center. Then, follow the instructions below:

All Online MBA classes have the BUSMBA prefix. You may search BUSMBA in Student Center to find OMBA courses.

Students registering late may need a permission number from an advisor. If you believe you need a permission number to complete your registration, please contact