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How To: Apply for Graduation

You’re on the last stretch of your MBA and you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel – congratulations! To graduate and receive your diploma from Boise State, you’re required to follow a two-step graduation application process.

Apply for Graduation

Graduation Deadlines

TermGraduation Date
Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) DeadlineGraduation Application DeadlineOMBA Graduation Celebration
Spring 2023May 6, 2023October 31, 2022January 13, 2023May 6, 2023
Summer 2023December 16, 2023March 1, 2023May 26, 2023December 16, 2023
Fall 2023December 16, 2023April 3, 2023August 25, 2023December 16, 2023
Spring 2024May 4, 2024November 6, 2023January 12, 2024May 4, 2024
Summer 2024December 14, 2024March 1, 2024May 24, 2024December 14, 2024

STEP #1: Submit Your AAC

First, you must submit your Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC).

*Note: This step must be complete and approved before applying for graduation (step #2). Once your AAC has been submitted, it can take 2-3 weeks for approval.

To access your AAC, use this link. Your student name & student ID should pre-populate.

Enter the following information:

  • Graduate program – Master of Business Administration, Online
  • Area of concentration and/or cognate – Management, Marketing Leadership, Healthcare Leadership, Construction Management, or General MBA
  • Catalog year – This is indicated by the academic year in which you started your BUSMBA 500 course (e.g. If you started your BUSMBA 500 course in the fall of 2021, spring of 2022, or summer 2022, your academic year would be 2021-2022. The academic year always starts with the fall semester.)
  • Anticipated completion term – the semester term and year you intend to graduate (e.g. Fall 2019)
  • Complianceleave blank (don’t select any options)
  • Supervisory committee – not required
  • Degree requirements section – click the “Add Another Entry” button to arrive at 13 separate lines (each line corresponds to one OMBA course).
      • General MBA (no emphasis area) – all 13 courses are “Core Course” for Requirement Type.
      • MBA with a designated emphasis area – the 10 MBA core courses listed below are “Core Course” for Requirement Type. The three emphasis area courses you take are “Emphasis Area” for Requirement Type.
      • *Note – You can copy and paste from the course table below (it is easiest for the degree office if you list them in ascending order – not the order that you took them).
  • BUSMBA = Course prefix
  • ### = Course number
  • Course Title = Name of course (e.g. Corporate Finance)
  • BUSMBA 500 = 1 credit. All other courses = 4 credits 

MBA Core Courses:

BUSMBA 500 – Business Foundations
BUSMBA 501 – Design Thinking
BUSMBA 505 – Marketing Strategy
BUSMBA 510 – People & Organizations
BUSMBA 515 – Corporate Finance
BUSMBA 520 – Global Economy
BUSMBA 525 – Managerial Accounting
BUSMBA 545 – Legal Issues In Business
BUSMBA 550 – Operations & Supply Chain Management
BUSMBA 555 – Integrated Capstone

General MBA Core / Management Electives:

BUSMBA 530 – Managerial Communication
BUSMBA 535 – IT & Business Alignment
BUSMBA 540 – Managing Successful Projects

Marketing Leadership Electives Courses:

BUSMBA 541 – Marketing Leadership
BUSMBA 542 – Digital Marketing Management
BUSMBA 543 – Strategic Management

Healthcare Leadership Electives:

BUSMBA 531 – Leadership for Health Professionals
BUSMBA 532 – Healthcare Systems & Delivery
BUSMBA 533 – Healthcare Operations & Financial Management

Construction Management Electives:

BUSMBA 521 – Leadership in AEC
BUSMBA 522 – AEC Project Management
BUSMBA 523 – AEC Company Management

  • Fill in your actual grades and semester/year for each course as shown in your Student Center. Instructions on how to view your course history can be found here. For courses that have yet to be taken, or haven’t been completed yet, you can select the “In Progress” option. You won’t be able submit the form without entering something in the text box. Your total credits should equal 49.
  • Finally, you’ll need to click “Validate Request” then “Submit Request.” You can print for your records if desired.

STEP #2: Apply for Graduation

Again, your AAC (step #1) must be complete and approved before you can apply for graduation. You may receive an email confirmation in as little as 1-2 weeks, but it could also take up to 3-4 weeks. If you don’t receive email instructions within 3 weeks, please email to let us know so we can follow up.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to apply for graduation in your Student Center here. A $25 fee is required to apply for graduation which must be paid before your application will be reviewed.

Additional Information

  1. Financial Aid – If you plan on taking BUSMBA 555 – Integrated Capstone as your only course in your graduating semester, (e.g. BUSMBA 555 during the fall 1 session and nothing during the fall 2 session), you are ineligible for student loans. Please talk with to Boise States Financial Aid office ASAP about your options.
  2. Diplomas – Diplomas are sent via mail to the address listed in your Student Center and can take up to 6 weeks to arrive after the conclusion of each semester. For students finishing classes in the first session of the semester, please note that your official “graduation” will be the last day of the 16-week semester. Meaning it could take up to 14 weeks to get your diploma after your last class (given the semester timing). Please check your primary name and mailing address in your myBoiseState Student Center. This will be the name and address used when your diploma is printed and sent.
  3. Graduation Ceremonies
      • All graduates are welcome to participate in-person at the University’s Commencement Ceremony. More information on commencement ceremonies and student events are available on the Registrar’s Office website.
      • Fall and summer graduates are invited to participate in the fall commencement ceremony (in December), while spring graduates are invited to participate in the spring commencement (in May).
      • If a student wishes to participate in an earlier or later graduation ceremony, they must fill out an appeal form through the Registrar’s Office. The appeal process is a requirement of University Policy #4130.  If you are appealing to participate early, you:
        1. Must have applied for graduation and paid the graduation application fee for the term you intend to graduate (NOT walk),
        2. Have no more than 6 credits to complete in the following term (spring semester for winter appeals and summer term for spring appeals), and
        3. Must be enrolled in all outstanding requirements.