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Inclusive Excellence at the College of Business and Economics

Inclusive Excellence is our strategy for both communicating and demonstrating that we value, seek, engage, promote and include a rich diversity of stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, campus and community members as a fundamental part of our success as a college.

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Our Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan Outlines:

Mission and Values

COBE’s mission and values can be read here.

The Four Pillars to Our Inclusive Excellence Strategy

Our culture

Make a college commitment to Inclusive Excellence by creating an intentional culture where we hold ourselves accountable for living our values, celebrating differences and inclusion.

Our people

Understand what inclusion means and feels like to our faculty, staff and students to ensure our college stakeholders feel valued, welcome and invited to make an impact.

Our community

Engage in the business community by offering resources and leadership to help increase diversity and inclusion throughout Treasure Valley.

Our work

Set a tone at the top in the College of Business and Economics that failure to improve our diversity and inclusion impacts is not an option and then hold ourselves accountable to transparent reporting and continuous improvement based on stakeholder feedback.

faculty and students engaged with Ward Parkinson, co-founder of MicronOutcomes

    • College stakeholders report a strong sense of belonging and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully navigate and lead in a diverse world.
    • Intergroup disparities in the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of undergraduate and graduate students are identified and work is underway to address them.
    • Faculty hiring and retention rates better reflect the rich diversity of the global and national talent pools.
    • Staff at all levels, including the executive and management levels, better reflect the rich diversity of local talent pools.
    • The college devotes appropriate resources to sustain and enhance equity, inclusion, and diversity on our campus and in our community.
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