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Core Facilities & Services

State-of-the-art facilities are pivotal to world-class research and have been instrumental in establishing our strength and ability to contribute as a doctoral research university. Together, our core facilities and service centers advance research for faculty, students, and regional collaborators. We invite your engagement. Explore the service center listings below to learn about offerings available to affiliates at other universities, industry personnel, and entrepreneurs. Our many research laboratories also actively seek research collaborators. See the Lab Directory.

Core Facilities

Main College of Engineering Campus on University Avenue in Boise, Idaho. Five buildings are numbered in this image.

Core facilities support teaching, research, administration, and student success. You can find our service centers and research labs in: (1) the Environmental Research Building (ERB), (2) Harry Morrison Civil Engineering (HML), (3) Charles P. Ruch Engineering (ENGR), (4) Micron Engineering Center (MEC), and (5) Micron Center for Materials Research (MCMR). We also use the Yanke Family Research Park (YFRB) along the Boise River, the campus Multipurpose Classroom building (MPCB), and City Center Plaza (CCP) and the U.S. Bank Building, both in downtown Boise. For directions, search by building code or name at the Campus Map.

Service Centers

The College of Engineering provides oversight in whole or in part over five service centers: the Boise State Center for Materials Characterization, Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) at Boise State University, CAES Energy Efficiency Institute, Cyber-Physical Systems Security at Boise State, and the Idaho Microfabrication Lab.

Boise State Center for Materials Characterization

Provides faculty and student researchers with wide-ranging instrumentation and capabilities for sample preparation and materials characterization

MEC 105A & 113, RUCH 108, MCMR 120
Contact: Rick Ubic

Visit BSCMC website

Center for Advanced Energy Studies at Boise State University

Boise State collaborates as part of a multi-institutional research-education partnership. Together, three Idaho universities, private industry, and the Idaho National Laboratory address energy innovation and policy; the energy-water nexus; advanced manufacturing; cybersecurity; and computing and data visualization.

Boise State Headquarters: ERB
Contact: David Estrada

Learn about CAES strategic focus areas
Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)

CAES Energy Efficiency Research Institute

Promotes effective and efficient energy resource use and its transfer from academia to the marketplace through: (1) cutting-edge inter-institutional research, (2) no cost energy assessments for eligible small- and medium-sized regional manufacturers, and (3) fast, innovative assistance in solving complex technical problems facing local and regional businesses, with “front door” access to resources at Boise State and across Idaho.

Yanke, Pod 900
Contact: John Gardner

Visit CEERI website

Cyber-Physical Systems Security at Boise State

Provides comprehensive lab capabilities, new educational programs and robust faculty research to mitigate cybersecurity vulnerabilities accompanying smart networked systems that interact with the physical world

RUCH 240
Contact: Sin Ming Loo

Visit CPSS Lab website

Idaho Microfabrication Lab

Provides thin film deposition, chemical processing, etching and photolithography services to advance research and education in nano- and micro-fabrication, and in additive manufacturing microelectronic device development

RUCH 105–107, and 109
Contact: Pete Miranda

Visit IML website
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