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Application Requirements – Ph.D.

Prepare your Application

Step 1 - Eligibility

Please note the application and funding deadlines.

Before you start your application confirm that you meet the Program Requirements and Emphasis Area Requirements for the emphasis you are applying to.

No application fee waivers are being issued at this time. 

Program Requirements

To be eligible for admission, applicants must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

Applicants to all emphasis areas should have completed coursework in computer programming or be able to provide documented experience in programming.

Emphasis Area Requirements

Computational Math Science and Engineering

Upper-division undergraduate coursework in differential equations and linear algebra. (equivalent to MATH 333 and MATH 301 at Boise State)

Computer Science

Upper-division undergraduate coursework in data structures and algorithms. (equivalent to CS 321 and CS 421 at Boise State)


Upper-division undergraduate coursework in data structures and introductory systems programming. (equivalent to CS 321 and CS 253 at Boise State)

Data Science

Upper-division undergraduate coursework in linear algebra and calculus-based statistics. (equivalent to MATH 301 and MATH 361 at Boise State)

Content on this page is provided as a quick reference for planning. All official degree requirements are published on the Graduate Catalog site.

Step 2 - Collect your Application Materials

Applicants to the computing Ph.D. program must submit all of the items listed. All materials will be collected via the online application system, but we recommend reviewing the information on this page and collecting everything before you begin the application process.

Transcripts and GPA


All Computing areas of emphasis and certificate programs require applicants to have programming experience and meet certain pre-requisite course requirements. It is not always clear how those requirements have been met just by looking at transcripts so these questions will provide important context for the Computing Admission Committee. Some questions will refer to specific courses at Boise State as examples, so please refer to the undergraduate course catalog as you complete the form. View the undergraduate course catalog.

Additionally, the Computing Admission Committee expects that the questionnaire responses will confirm that the applicant has actively communicated with potential faculty advisors prior to submitting an application.

Complete the Questionnaire

Statement of Purpose

A Statement of Purpose is a statement of your research experience, interests, and goals.

The statement of purpose will be uploaded to a field in the application system.

Do not use templates. Instead, review these resources on how to write an effective statement of purpose, then begin writing your statement in a blank document.

The Computing Ph.D. Program has a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism, which includes using templates.  Applications that are found to contain plagiarized material will be denied. 


The Curriculum Vita (CV) should provide a detailed and comprehensive description of an applicants academic and professional credentials and achievements.

The CV will be uploaded to a field in the application system.

Letters of Recommendation

Applicants must provide three letters of recommendation.

We recommend requesting letters from a variety of sources including academic advisors, work supervisors or others who have served in a supervisory capacity.

Applicants will provide email addresses for each of their references via the application system, and references must electronically submit recommendation letters prior to the application deadline. Applications with fewer than three recommendation letters will not be eligible for review by the Computing Admission Committee.

View instructions for adding recommendation providers to your application. 

TOEFL, IELTS, and English Proficiency

For International Applicants Only:

  • International graduate applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English in order to be considered for admission to Boise State. There are several approved ways for applicants to demonstrate English proficiency. Please refer to the International Admissions Office website for current test score requirements.
  • Test results should be sent as official copies directly from the testing agency. Boise State University’s school code for sending TOEFL scores is 4018.
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