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Mid-Semester Assessment Process (MAP)

Spring 2024 MAPs

What is a MAP?

The Mid-semester Assessment Process (MAP) allows instructors to assess their teaching and gauge how and what students are learning in a particular course while the semester is still in progress. Typically a MAP occurs midway through the course. The process involves a MAP facilitator (a consultant from either the CTL or the eCampus Center) gathering feedback from students and then meeting with the faculty member to review the anonymized responses and discuss potential actions that could be taken to support student success in the course. During this meeting the MAP facilitator supports the instructor to think about ways they may make changes to the teaching and learning that takes place in their class.

What questions are asked during a MAP?

During the MAP, students will be asked three questions, to which they respond with open-ended answers:

  1. What about this course and its instruction fosters your learning?
  2. What specific changes could be made in the course that would improve your learning?
  3. What efforts could you make as a student to improve your learning in this course?

In Spring 2024, the HHMI Inquiry for Inclusion project team is piloting an approach to provide instructors with information about how students experience the classroom climate in the instructor’s course. For this, there will be a short Likert scale poll at the beginning of the MAP about students’ individual classroom experience (anonymous):

  1. The instructor promotes a learning environment such that students with diverse personal backgrounds and identities feel included.
  2. This instructor provides a learning experience that helps all students be successful.
  3. I feel I can fully and openly participate in class and that my contributions are valued.
  4. I feel a sense of belonging in this course.

This pilot initiative is directly tied to the university’s strategic plan and the information are used for instructor feedback only.

How do I sign up for a MAP?

Please complete the Mid-semester Assessment Process (MAP) Request Form to request a MAP for spring 2024.

Because of high demand for MAPS, we request that each faculty member choose only one course per semester to be involved in a MAP. (You are, of course, welcome to come back next semester for a different course!)

If preferred, you can conduct your own mid-semester evaluation without assistance from the CTL by adapting the previously listed MAP questions via a Google form or Qualtrics survey.