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One-to-One Consultations

To request a consultation, please complete the Individual Consultation Request Form.

Conversations are the core of our service to faculty and to the university as a whole. Our work with faculty to attain teaching and learning goals most often begins with a conversation about where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, and what pedagogical challenges or opportunities you’ll encounter along the way.

Consulting with a CTL consultant is a bit like meeting with a personal trainer at a gym. We’ll discuss your goals, review your familiarity and comfort levels with the tools that are available to you, and come up with a plan–together–to help you move in the direction you desire. Along the way we can provide technical support, guidance on research-based practices, and loads of encouragement.

Our conversations with faculty take many forms, and address a wide variety of topics. Here is a list of descriptions of some of the common topics discussed:

  • Course Design: Consultations about course design often focus on identifying or developing learning objectives, designing learning activities, and creating meaningful assessments. At other times the focus is on converting an existing course to a new delivery format (for instance, to an online format). The outcome of such consultations might be a project plan or a plan for professional development, including training on any high-tech tools you’ll be using.
  • Course Content: Digital course materials can effectively represent complex concepts, provide students with access to targeted reference materials, and enhance student engagement. The CTL can help identify which technologies best serve your teaching objectives, and which technologies are best suited to particular course content.
  • Exploration of Emerging Technologies: Consultants at the CTL can work with you to consider new technologies that might address particular teaching and learning needs and assist you in evaluating those technologies and their suitability for your teaching.
  • Exploration of Teaching Strategies: Been hearing a lot lately about active learning? About universal design for learning? Consultants at the CTL can help you to stay abreast of such emerging trends in teaching and learning, as well as assist you in incorporating them into your teaching.

To learn more about consultations for individuals, follow the links under “In This Section.” To request a consultation, please complete the Individual Consultation Request Form.