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College Teaching Preparation Program


The College Teaching Preparation Program is open to graduate students in all disciplines and regardless of your current teaching duties. The program recognizes graduate students who engage in professional development around teaching with a certificate of completion. The program will be especially beneficial to graduate teaching assistants and those whose career plans may include teaching.


By completing the program, you are expected to make progress in your ability to: 

  1. Apply backward course design principles
  2. Implement effective learning activities 
  3. Assess student learning 
  4. Develop learning environments that support the success of all students
  5. Reflect on their own growth and development around teaching and learning

These learning outcomes are derived from the graduate student competencies developed by Linda von Hoene, Linda B. Nilson, and Greg Siering.


There are multiple pathways to complete the program: 

  • Option #1: Complete COID 516 and GCOLL 597
  • Option #2: Complete COID 516 twice
  • Option #3: Complete COID 516 OR GCOLL 597 + 5 additional activities
  • Option #4: Complete 10 activities

If you choose option #4, your activities should be chosen in consultation with the program coordinator in the CTL (Megan Frary, to ensure that they align with your career goals and current teaching responsibilities (if any).  At least four of the activities will be CTL workshops. These four workshops should align with the first four learning outcomes (one workshop per outcome).  The other six activities may also be CTL workshops. If you are teaching your own course, you are encouraged to have a MAP (mid-semester assessment).  Completing the MAP, the follow-up meeting, and submitting a short reflection and action plan will fulfill one of the activity requirements.  


The culminating activity will be a reflection on your growth and development, especially as it relates to the learning outcomes of the program. Please answer the following questions in a Google doc and share it with

  1. For each of the first four learning outcomes (LOs) stated earlier:
    1. Identify which of the activities you completed primarily contributed to your progress on that LO.
    2. In about one paragraph for each, give a specific example of how you plan to implement something related to that LO in your future teaching work, as well as why doing so will benefit students’ learning.
  2. Explain at least three ways in which your beliefs about teaching and learning have changed as a result of the activities you completed.  Give specific examples of the activities that contributed to these shifts.
  3. If you have had teaching responsibilities while working on the program, describe how that work has been impacted by your participation.  
  4. If you completed the program using activities outside of COID 516 and/or GCOLL 597, please include a link to your activity tracking spreadsheet. The “How to Track Your Activities” section explains how to do this.


Please complete this enrollment form to enroll in the program.  


Access this google tracking sheet; you’ll be prompted to make a copy.  Share the sheet with

As you work through the ten activities, keep the sheet updated.  You will submit the completed sheet along with your final reflection.