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Communities of Practice


Communities of Practice (CoPs) are groups of people who come together to share ideas and strategies, determine solutions, and build innovations around a common concern or interest.

The Center for Teaching and Learning supports a variety of CoPs each semester. Each one varies in its level of activity. If you have an idea for a new CoP, let us know about your interest!

Below, please find information about CoPs currently being offered by the CTL. When you register your interest in a CoP (see links below), we’ll be sure to communicate with you about activities associated with that CoP.

Emergent Teaching & Technologies Community of Practice

The Emergent Teaching & Technologies CoP provides space for all university faculty to engage in conversation around pedagogies that support engagement, instruction, assessment, and finding creative solutions to challenges in our teaching practice. During these sessions, faculty will be invited to share how they are using technology and teaching practices to support student learning. The community is designed to encourage the work of former Mobile Learning Scholars while inviting all faculty to join the conversation around emerging ideas in pedagogy in various teaching settings. Join when you can, or when the topic meets your needs.

Complete the Emergent Teaching & Technologies CoP Form to tell us that you’re interested.

Service-Learning Community of Practice

If you are already involved in service-learning or would like to test the waters, we invite you to join other instructors for discussions on integrating service-learning into your courses. This group of faculty gleans ideas from each other, supports each other in taking new steps in service-learning, and steers each other towards helpful research, writing, and publishing avenues. You will hear examples of service-learning in different disciplines, common concerns about service-learning, and approaches to addressing those concerns. Within this CoP, you will experience a curious, open, supportive conversation.

Complete the Service-Learning CoP Form to tell us that you’re interested.

Team-Based Learning Community of Practice

This Community of Practice is for instructors who use or wish to use teamwork in their class. For all meetings, we welcome all faculty, from those who are interested in learning about Team-Based Learning to those who are experienced TBL users. We discuss best practices for use of teams during class time, provide a forum for instructors to ask questions and share their methods, and support faculty as they implement different aspects of Team-Based Learning in their classes.

The Team-Based Learning CoP is not currently meeting, if you are interested in this teaching practice please contact Kathrine Johnson, PhD via email: