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Faculty Learning Communities

Each year, the Center for Teaching and Learning sponsors and facilitates a number of faculty learning communities (FLCs), which are structured cohorts of faculty and staff that build community, engage in scholarly practice, and develop the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

Adjunct Faculty Learning Community

The Adjunct Faculty Learning Community (AFLC) is designed to address pedagogical questions that adjunct faculty may have, and to help them build a community of fellow educators. The AFLC will also provide opportunities for adjunct faculty to reflect on what they have learned about teaching. Participants will attend four cohort meetings and two CTL workshops, and they will have Mid-Semester Assessments done for their course. Each participant who completes all portions for the AFLC will receive a $200 stipend.

Community Engaged Learning Faculty Learning Community

The Community-Engaged Learning FLC will support the efforts of eight faculty members to re-design a class focused on Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) or Service-Learning. From community building activities that can be done in the classroom that link directly to the dispositional elements of CEL work, to the actual design and eventual implementation of a Community-Engaged project in a class, this FLC is designed to take participants through the many steps of creating a class that engages beyond the boundaries of the classroom.   Participants who complete all portions of this FLC will receive a $300 stipend. This FLC will meet monthly on the second Wednesday from 1:00-2:30pm in the CTL (ILC 315) starting on September 14th, 2022.

Creating a Compelling Teaching Portfolio Faculty Learning Community

The Creating a Compelling Teaching Portfolio FLC, brought to you by IFATE (NSF DUE# 1856653), will engage instructors in building a portfolio which documents their teaching effectiveness. Participants will use evidence from a variety of sources that capture their teaching practices, build a narrative around their teaching work, plan for future strategic collection of evidence, document changes made in teaching, and gain insight into moving their teaching forward. This year-long FLC will meet every other week on Mondays at 1:00 for 90 minutes; there will be 6 meetings each semester.  Upon completion of the FLC requirements, each participant will receive a stipend of $600 ($300 per semester).

Designing for Student Success Faculty Learning Community*

The Designing for Student Success Faculty Learning Community is intended for faculty who teach courses critical for student success and who want to design courses that support student success. Courses critical for student success include those that have a high impact on retention (e.g. lower division courses, courses that are prerequisites for majors, or those that serve as critical junctures in undergraduate degree completion). There are seven 120-minute bi-weekly sessions. Upon completion of the FLC requirements, each participant will receive a stipend of $500 ($250 for one semester of planning and $250 for one semester of implementation).
*This is a one year FLC (same cohort does both Spring and Fall) and recruits in the fall for a spring cohort. Those that are interested are encouraged to check in the fall semester and apply to be in a new cohort at that time.