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Academic Misconduct Process

For detailed information about definitions and procedures of academic misconduct, read University Policy 2020, Student Code of Conduct.

Read through the guide below to understand what you can expect to happen before, during and after the hearing process.

Before Your Hearing

If your instructor believes you have committed Academic Misconduct, they will notify you and provide you with an opportunity to respond to the allegation.

Students can seek support from an advisor if they are notified by their instructor of a hearing. Advisors can be anyone you choose, but the Conduct Programs also provide trained Respondent Advisors who volunteer to help students. You can simply talk with them, or ask them to attend hearings with you as a listener. The main goal of the Respondent Advisor Program is to help students navigate the Conduct/Academic Appeal Process and higher-level or repeated misconduct violations (especially those that may potentially result in suspension and/or expulsion through process).

Contact a Respondent Advisor

During Your Hearing

You will meet with your instructor in person to discuss the allegation before a final decision is made. All students may invite one support person/advisor to attend any conduct meeting or hearing.

After Your Hearing

Receive Decision

Following your Hearing meeting, your instructor will notify you of their decision as well as any educational sanctions.

Complete Sanctions or Submit an Appeal

Following your instructor’s decision, you may choose to complete sanctions or submit an appeal.

Students found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct are able to appeal the violation and/or the sanction(s) within 10 business days of the outcome notice. In order to file an appeal, you must:

The appeal form and typed statement must be submitted by the date stated in the original decision letter. Late appeals will not be considered. Please send all appeal materials to

 Once the appeal is received by the Office of the Dean of Students, it will be reviewed by a Hearing Officer and a decision will be rendered within 10 business days of review. For incidents which have resulted in suspension or expulsion, appeals will be reviewed by the next convening Appeal Board (composed of 5 members, including a combination of faculty, staff, and students).

Additional Sanctions

In addition to the sanctions issued by your instructor, the Office of the Dean of Students may require you to complete an academic integrity workshop or assign an alternate educational sanction.

Support Resources

Most students who consider committing an act of academic misconduct have other stressful situations in their lives. If you are experiencing challenges – personal or academic – please: