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Respondent Advisor Program

The purpose of the Respondent Advisor Program is to provide Student-Respondents with additional support and resources to better navigate the Student Conduct process for alleged/responsible violations. Respondent Advisors are available for all students to seek support from; however, the main goal of this support service is to help students navigate the Conduct/Academic Appeal Process and higher level conduct violations (those that may potentially result in suspension and/or expulsion through a board hearing).

Contact a Respondent Advisor

Duties of a Respondent Advisor

  • Provide unobtrusive support to Respondents charged with violating University policies through the Student Code of Conduct process.
  • Meet with Respondents in advance of scheduled hearings and/or meetings.
  • Attend as a silent support person any scheduled meetings, pre-hearings , and/or hearings as requested by the Respondent.
  • Provide feedback on a student’s written statements, offering what they are hearing or reading as the Respondent’s written messages so that the Respondent can consider how clearly they are or are not yet sharing their perspective and revise as desired.
  • Prepare Respondents for potential questions from board members or hearing officers during meetings and hearings.
  • Review documents/forms as a double-check of comprehension or completion prior to Respondent submitting to the document/form to the Student Conduct Administrator for student.
  • Advisor may not serve any other role in the Student Conduct process (i.e. witness, Student Conduct Administrator, investigator, board member, etc…)
  • Advisor may not speak for the Respondent or act as a spokesperson, advocate, or defender of the Respondent so that the Respondent’s self-efficacy is preserved.

Please note that Respondent Advisors cannot be asked to write or type out direct revision feedback in student statements, or otherwise obscure the student’s own perspective with the advisor’s perspective. The Respondent Advisor’s role is to empower the Student-Respondent to share their perspective.

Interested in becoming a Respondent Advisor? Email