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  • You want to drop a class.

Where to go: You can drop a class through your Log in to the system, then select ‘Student Center’, then click ‘Student Homepage’ at top, then ‘Class Search Enrollment’. Now you can select ‘Drop Classes’ from the left column and search for the class you want to drop. NOTE: Dropping classes may affect your financial aid. For further information about dropping classes or complete withdrawals, please contact the registrar’s office at  (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email

  • You will not be in class for several days due to a medical emergency.

Where to go: You need to contact your instructors as soon as possible to communicate your circumstances and make arrangements to meet your academic obligations. If you are seeking a complete withdrawal, you will need to fill out the Academic Appeal Form and send it to the Registrar’s Office. For further information about dropping classes or complete withdrawals visit the appeals web page of the registrar, or contact them directly at (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email

If you would like further support in navigating the academic appeal process, please call us to setup an appointment at (208) 426-1527.

  • You need to miss classes because of illness.

Where to go: You need to contact your professors directly (by email, phone, or in-person) and let them know of your absence and make arrangements with them to meet your academic obligations. NOTE: The Office of the Dean of Students does not approve absences, however, we can send out a Courtesy Absence Notification to your instructors to inform them of your absence.

Being treated unfairly

  • You feel that your professors or the university is treating you unfairly.

Where to go: You must first consult the course instructor. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the instructor, you should contact the department chair and ask them about their complaint process. If the situation is still not settled, you should contact the dean of the college that oversees the department, which is different than the dean of students. If the dispute is unresolved after going through this process, you may contact the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies for further guidance at (208) 426-1202. For more information about student grievances, please visit Student Grievance Policies and Procedures.

To learn more about Academic Grievances or Grade Appeals, visit Undergraduate Studies.


  • How can I tell which type of HOLD is on my account?

Where to go: Use this resource guide to help you view HOLD details from your Boise State student center.

  • What does each HOLD type mean?

An RDO HOLD prevents access to transcripts.

An RDS HOLD may be placed on student accounts for situations involving CARE alerts, complete withdrawals, and Student Emergency Fund requirements.

An RTI HOLD is placed on accounts when students fail to complete the incoming AlcoholEdu course required for all new/transfer students under the age of 21.

An RVP HOLD is placed on accounts when students fail to complete sanctions by the stated deadline and/or if a student is suspended or expelled for Code of Conduct violations.

  • How can I request my HOLD to be removed?

Where to go: To have your Dean of Students HOLDs reviewed for removal, please refer to the following:

For RVP HOLDs, email, with your student name and student ID number.

For RTI HOLDs, email with your student name and student ID number.

For RDO and RDS HOLDs, email

Refund or balance due?

I need help estimating my school expenses.

Where to go: Estimate your bottom line. The estimator allows you to enter your housing choices, enrollment, and individual information, then automatically subtracts the financial aid you are scheduled to receive. Log-in to is required.

SEF check disbursement

  • You have been approved for a Student Emergency Fund (SEF) grant and need to know where to pick up your check.

Where to go: If your approval email stated you will receive a paper check, go to the Student Financials Office (Admin Bldg, Rm 101within the next 1-2 business days. Make sure to bring your Student ID.

Student conduct info for parents

You are a parent, family member or friend of a student who is working their way through the student conduct process.

Where to go: If you have questions about your student’s conduct case, please have your student complete a Release of Information Form from the registrar’s office (simply search for the word ‘release’ under Student Forms on the registrar’s website). Submit it to upon completion.

After completion, you can email Additional information on how to support your student through the conduct process can be found on the Parent and Family Conduct Information web page.

Need more support?

Feel free to contact us.

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