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Our faculty engage in research integrated across traditional disciplinary boundaries to investigate and address important, and often complex, problems in the hydrologic sciences. Participating faculty and students come from the disciplines of geological and biological sciences, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and environmental sciences. We encourage interested students to explore our website and contact individual faculty to learn more about specific research and educational opportunities.


  • Warren Barrash (Emeritus), Physical Hydrogeology, Hydrogeophysics
  • Shawn Benner,  Water quality, Global Change, Hydrology
  • Ellyn Enderlin, Glaciology
  • Alejandro Flores, : Ecohydrology, Hydrologic Modeling, Remote Sensing, Data Assimilation
  • Nancy Glenn,  Interdisciplinary remote sensing and geological engineering
  • HP Marshall,  Snow Remote Sensing
  • Jim McNamara,  Watershed Hydrology, hydrogeology, and Geomorphology
  • Quifei Niu, Hydrogeophysics
  • Jennifer Pierce,  Geomorphology, Global Climate Change
  • David Wilkins,  Geomorphology, Dendrochronology, Climate Change

Civil Engineering



  • Jodi Mead Computational Mathematics and Data Assimilation
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