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Graduate Student Resources

This page is regularly maintained by the Graduate Program Committee (GPC) and provides essential information for current Department of Geosciences graduate students.  Prospective students for the Department of Geosciences should visit the resource page for prospective students.

Summary pages of scheduling milestones and hyperlinks to forms are given in these timelines:

M.S. Timeline
Ph.D. Timeline

Other important pages to reference include:

Graduate College
Graduate Program Catalogs
Graduate Student Handbook 2023-24
Geosciences Graduate Organization (GGO)

Links below are important department-specific resources

Links below are important university-wide resources

Graduate Degree Programs and Contacts

Contact the GPC faculty listed below for questions related to specific graduate degree programs and for information not found on this page and links.
programcontactcontact email
Masters of Science (M.S.) in GeosciencesJim
Doctorate (Ph.D.) in GeophysicsEllyn
Doctorate (Ph.D.) in GeophysicsEllyn
Doctorate (Ph.D.) in GeosciencesJim
Master of Earth Science (M.E.Sci.)Ellyn
Master of Science (M.S.) in Hydrologic SciencesAnna Bergstrom

Department administrative staff can also answer specific questions.