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Event Risk Management and Insurance

Services Overview

Events and activities proposed to and/or organized by Boise State University, our affiliates, the community, and third-party attendees should be assessed every step of the way.  Safety must be the primary concern followed by the protection of property and upholding University values.

  • Begin your own risk assessment to get you started. Once complete, please submit to for our review. A team member from our office will follow-up with you for additional feedback and recommendations, if necessary.
  • For third parties who would like to partake in or hold events/activities on campus, please review the Insurance Requirements as outlined by the State of Idaho.  For those that do not carry a policy which meets the insurance requirements above, check out TULIP – a special event coverage.
  • The Office of Risk Management and Insurance has the right to deny any request or event/activity based on the determined impact of risk.

Request Process

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document that serves as proof of insurance held by another party. It may fall into two categories:

  1. Issued by Boise State University/State of Idaho to an outside organization and/or; Other businesses may request that we provide them with a “Certificate of Insurance” as proof of the University’s insurance coverage. *Attention: $500,000 is the State’s Liability limit. If the contract requires a higher limit please inform your contact of this limit and ask if they will accept the $500,000 limit.* See below for instructions to request a Certificate of Insurance.
  2. Issued by an outside organization, to Boise State University/State of Idaho
  • Boise State requires proof of insurance from companies, organizations, or other groups for use of campus facilities for events and activities. This includes contractors, vendors, or performers providing products or services to Boise State University.
  • Select the appropriate form – BUS-Shuttle Insurance Requirements or Contractor/Vendor/Performer Insurance Requirements.
  • Provide the COI-Sample to the contractor or vendor’s insurance agent. This will inform the agent of how to properly complete the Certificate needed to meet the University’s insurance requirements.

*Incomplete or incorrect certificates will result in a delay of approval. Risk Management reserves the right to negotiate alternative coverage and limits based on the type of event.

BUS-Shuttle Insurance Requirements
Contractor/Vendor/Performer Insurance Requirements.

Review and address the inquiries below, when gathered, send to

  • Your written contract or agreement;
  • Specific Insurance Requirements;
  • The Who, What, When, Where, Why of the event/activity
  • Requestors  Name (Organization),  Requestors Address, Name and Phone Number of the Contact Person Requesting Certificate;


From the initial date of request, a Certificate can be issued on average from one to five business days.

Risk Management for Reserving Parties

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