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Program Outcomes

Attrition (2019-2023): 3%, 33/34 students graduating
Job Placement (2019-2022): 100% of graduates

(*Updated 5/9/23)

Graduates of this program will:

  • Utilize knowledge of core genetic/genomic concepts and genetic counseling methodologies to manage and promote client well-being.
  • Display professional oral, written, audio/visual, and telecommunication skills appropriate to the field of genetic counseling.
  • Employ a range of effective interpersonal and psychosocial counseling skills via varied service delivery models to promote informed decision making that is client-centered, non-coercive and responsive to stated and emerging concerns.
  • Apply genetic counseling skills in a culturally responsive and respectful manner to clients from diverse backgrounds.
  • Integrate knowledge from other professions, research processes, and evidenced-based practice to think critically about the field of genetic counseling.
  • Demonstrate active commitment to interprofessional development through collaborative relationship building, mentoring, training, knowledge transfer and advocacy within the genetics community.
  • Exhibit management and leadership skills which are relevant to the genetic counseling profession and promote bio-ethical business practice.