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American Nuclear Society honoree Sara Cole

The American Nuclear Society annually recognizes promising young researchers and concepts, and this year, five of them represent Boise State. Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering students Sarah Cole, Kyle Holloway, Addie Lupercio, Kaelee Novich and Timothy Phero are recipients of prestigious American Nuclear Society awards that will empower their research and education to new levels.

Meet Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole
Sarah Cole

Boise-born materials science student Sarah Cole is the recipient of the Sophomore Undergraduate Scholarship of $2,000, which will help fund her education as she pursues her research interests. Cole works on fabricating and characterizing specialized nuclear fuels to increase accident tolerance.

“The global impact of this research is the ability to implement advanced technology fuels in nuclear reactors throughout the world for safer nuclear reactor systems in normal operation, transient conditions, or accident scenarios,” Cole said.

To attend Boise State, Cole also received scholarship and fellowship financial support through five awards, including the University Nuclear Leadership Program Scholarship, the Idaho Governor’s Cup Scholarship, the David and Beverly Taylor Service Scholarship, the Boise State Presidential Scholarship and the Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship.

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