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The success of our students — throughout their lifetimes is the single most important measure of Boise State’s success as a university. Scholarship support helps provide access to an affordable education for talented and committed students. Scholarships allow students to explore future opportunities to their fullest potential, unhindered by financial uncertainty and help ensure that great potential is not left unrealized because of an inability to bear the cost of a university education.

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Support Idaho Students

The President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship has helped Idaho residents attend college through the True Blue Promise Scholarship since 2016. These current-use funds are awarded to residents for four years, based primarily on financial need and merit. Supporting the President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship will impact more Idaho students, increase Idaho’s “go-on” rates and grow the number of graduates contributing to Idaho’s economy. As a public university, our mission is to serve the people and the state of Idaho. This scholarship will help ensure for generations that great potential of the state is not left unrealized. This video is available with captions and a video transcript: President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed funds are managed by the Boise State University Foundation. The fund principal is invested and earnings provide support in perpetuity for students. Contact a development director to learn more.

Named Presidential Endowed Scholarship — $200,000 (minimum commitment, payable over 5 years) provides a full-tuition (undergraduate, in-state) scholarship.

Named Dean’s Endowed Scholarship — $100,000 (minimum commitment, payable over 5 years) provides one-half tuition (undergraduate, in-state) scholarship.

Named Endowed Scholarship — $25,000 (minimum commitment, payable over 5 years).

President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship — The President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship helps Idaho residents earn their degrees here at Boise State. Gifts of any size may be designated to this scholarship.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship Endowment Fund — Gifts of any size may be designated to this endowment which provides support to relatives of Boise State alumni.

College Endowed Scholarship Funds — Gifts of any size may be designated to the endowed scholarship funds in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, School of Public Service, Honors College and the College of Innovation and Design.

Current Use Scholarships

These gifts provide immediate support for students. Current use scholarships may also be created to assist athletics or other areas of the university. Contact a development director to learn more.

Named Current Use Scholarship — $2,500 minimum annual gift (4-year commitment required).

True Blue Promise Scholarship — Gifts of any size may be designated to the True Blue Promise Scholarship. This fund helps Idaho residents with high financial need.

General Scholarship Fund — Gifts of any size may be designated to Boise State’s General Scholarship Fund. This fund is used to address the area of greatest need to recruit and retain deserving students.

College Current Use Scholarship Funds — Gifts of any size may be designated to the current use scholarship funds in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, School of Public Service, Honors College, Graduate College and the College of Innovation and Design.

Lizette Mendoza Hernandez

Scholarship Helps Student Overcome Obstacles

While attending Utah State University on a scholarship, Lizette Mendoza Hernandez received some life-changing news. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had detained her mother. The first-generation college student would have to return home to Notus to care for her two younger sisters.

Meet Lizette

Scholarships Transform Lives

Your support allows us to continue investing in our students’ future and providing them with new and innovative opportunities. By continuing that incredible support of Boise State Scholarships you help students achieve their dreams. Your generosity fuels innovation, inspires creativity and learning and provides opportunities for Boise State students that would otherwise not be possible.

Closed captions are available and a transcript is provided on this page.

Daniele Moro

Scholarships Provide Opportunity to Explore

During his three years at Boise State, Daniele Moro has undoubtedly had a successful academic career. In addition to taking classes to earn a computer science degree, he’s conducted research alongside professors, published papers, held summer internships, and even founded the Artificial Intelligence Club at Boise State. He credits these achievements, in part, to the donors who support his efforts through scholarships.

Meet Daniele

Video Transcript: Boise State Scholarships


[Conner Wall, Information Technology Management, Jones Family Scholarship] I always have kind of like grown-up good with computers and I kind of always knew that was gonna be the area that I went into but I didn’t really know the avenue like how you actually get a career in technology and so working with Boise State has kind of opened my eyes so just like all the different avenues you can really go down and it’s kind of given me a lot of opportunity to see exactly what I want to do.

[Idara Akpan, Chemistry/Secondary Education, Capital Scholars Scholarship] When I was younger I never thought I wasn’t have the opportunity to go to school just with financials and all that kind of stuff and so when I came here I was automatically not a big problem with all the scholarships I received from here and the support at any other school that you look I wouldn’t have the opportunity for chemistry for example I’ve always loved forensics but if I went to any other school it would be almost a double major requirement for me to do forensics and to do secondary education so Boise State gives me that option they get all of areas of study that I want to go into still in that four-year plan

[Conner] So I actually have an internship slap that turned into a full-time position with a company called eco labs the really cool part about the project that we’re working on is that it’s going to be specifically accessible for those who are like visually impaired or have disabilities but it’s gonna be usable by pretty much anyone so for example let’s say you wanted to go to a certain room like in the sub but you weren’t exactly sure how to get there a lot of current navigation solutions don’t really work that well indoors so we’re kind of filling a void where there’s not currently a solution and trying to develop our own solution which is a really cool experience.

[Idara] My mom has always been my single parent for me and my eleven-year-old brother now the one thing that he couldn’t help us with was saving up for college so I never had the collar saving fund all my funds went towards helping my family standing up for my car and then I worked all summer long just be able to afford to come here this semester right now with the scholarships I’ve received from Boise State and other donors I don’t have to take out any student loans at all so I’m pretty much going to be leaving Boise State debt free which will be super nice and I also have time to focus on my classes focus on other extracurricular activities I have without having to constantly think about where’s next paycheck coming in how am I gonna be able to afford this this month next month it’s been super nice.

[Conner] Scholarships are definitely helped me kind of focus my studies and exactly what I want to do and figure out exactly where I want to go my career without having to be weighed down by a financial burden or worried about how I’m going to pay the bills down the road so it’s really opened up opportunities that I wouldn’t had otherwise

[Idara] Donors who provide scholarship funds for students help us be able to achieve our dreams go after what we want and someday we’ll go into society better equipped than we were before and ready to help propel us forward get into new research help teach new students go everywhere just with that little bit of money everything helps.

[Conner] I think donors who provide scholarships really kind of provide that stepping stone for students and really kind of guide them alongside the journey and get them to where they want to go.