True Blue Endowed Scholarship

Support Idaho Students

By supporting the President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship, you are giving Idaho residents the opportunity to attend college. You’re not only assisting them as they earn a degree, but you’re helping an Idaho student achieve their dreams.

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What is the True Blue Endowed Scholarship?

The True Blue Scholarship helps support Idaho residents for four years based primarily on financial need and merit. In honor of the inauguration of Boise State’s seventh president, Dr. Marlene Tromp, pledged to form the President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship. Supporting the communities in Idaho by encouraging further education of our students improves the lives of our citizenry and is a priority for Boise State. We want to ensure that great potential is not left unrealized because of an inability to bear the cost of a university education for generations to come.

Why Support the True Blue Endowed Scholarship?

  • Boise State began awarding the True Blue Scholarship with current use funds in the fall 2016. Boise State has current use funds to assist Idaho students in the amount of $2,000 a year for four years. Endowing this scholarship will provide fund support in perpetuity and increase the number of students receiving the President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship
  • Students cite the top reason they don’t complete their degrees is financial support. With the costs of college ever increasing, and state funding continuing to decrease, growing our support for student scholarships is imperative. In fact, research from fall 2018 showed us that 1,112 Idaho students applied and were accepted to Boise State, but never enrolled, and never enrolled at any college or university. If we expand the President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship to assist more Idaho students who demonstrate financial need, we’ll increase Idaho’s “go-on” rates and number of graduates contributing to Idaho’s economy.
  • Other Idaho universities offer scholarship packages for Idaho residents — some up to $4,000 per year. To be competitive in the admissions process, Boise State needs to invest in its offerings to Idaho residents who qualify for both merit- and need-based scholarships. The President’s True Blue Endowed Scholarship will help grow Boise State’s endowment and the scholarship support for Idaho residents.