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University Suites

Guest Housing Rates

Room Type Bathroom TypeCommunity RateUniversity and Non-Profit Rate
Double Bedroom in Suite with KitchenSuite$51.96$43.13
Single bedroom in Suite with KitchenSuite$51.96$43.13

Main Lounge

The community center is located on the first floor of Clearwater and is equipped with couches, chairs, a TV/DVD player, and a pool table. The main lounge is available via reservation


  • Furnished Bedrooms
  • Kitchen in Unit
  • Laundry in Unit
  • WiFi

Floor Plans

Please note: Floor plans are intended for illustrative purposes only. There are variations of dimension, layout and amenities within each community.

4 Bedroom

4 bedroom floor plan

Suite Type: 4 Bedroom
Room Size: 10′ x 12′
Kitchen Size: 13′ x 24′
Bathroom Type: 4 per 2 bathroom

University Square Location


If you’re bringing a car, bus, or ADA vehicle to campus, be sure to order an overnight parking permit through your group coordinator or reach out directly to to order your permit prior to your arrival. Rates are listed on the Guest Housing Rates: Parking page.

House Rules

  • No alcohol
  • No smoking
  • No drugs
  • No pets

See complete Policies and Standards