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Definition: “Research is what drives science. It is our basis and understanding of learning and improving. As you hopefully become admitted into your health program, research will allow you to learn many concepts, procedures and knowledge regarding what we know today in modern science. Yet, all of that information was made possible by scientific study over years of time. Our learning has taken place thanks to research, as many dedicated individuals who always saw the need to build upon what we thought may have been the way of thinking through a topic or going about a procedure.

Although it is not always a requirement, research is meaningful to your health programs to show that you know how to go about scientific inquiry and have an earned respect for the healthcare practices and scientific knowledge we implement. Your research does not need to look like work in a lab. It can include qualitative research, such as through focus groups, investigatory interviews, or small group discussions. It can be in areas of communication and psychology, for instance.

Perhaps in your search to discover a research opportunity, think about what course of your undergraduate studies you are particularly enjoying, and why? Could you talk with that faculty instructor about if they are working on any research that they could use help with?