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Leadership Experience

Definition: “Gaining leadership experience can come in many forms and from many different environments. Leadership is an important skill to have in every field. Being a good leader is about motivating others and ensuring that goals are being achieved effectively and efficiently.

Who have the leaders been in your life? Teachers, coaches, coworkers, communicators, your parents, your siblings? Now think of how you have been a leader. You can lead as a supervisor on a team, being responsible for training or onboarding new members on a work or campus team, you can lead as a big brother or a big sister in your family, as an encourager in your workplace, or by instructing someone on a new skill or tutoring someone in a particular subject area. You can lead by speaking up about a subject area that you understand well, such as in culture, language, agriculture, politics, health prevention and awareness, etc. Think of an area where you have served and influenced others in a positive way for at least three months consecutively.