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Volunteer Activities

Definition: “Volunteering can involve exposing yourself to perspectives and ideas outside of your own worldview, religion, race, socioeconomic status, and upbringing. It will teach you things you didn’t know you needed to learn! But you should always be able to answer why you’re deciding to invest time into a particular activity. More than just checking a box, try to pursue activities that you know align with your interests and passions. It doesn’t make sense to copy someone else’s story of what they did on their journey to applying to an academic or clinical program. You do you!

When considering how to get involved in volunteering or community service, start with what interests you or what activities you already enjoy. If you enjoy working with youth and teens, consider a mentorship program like the Boys & Girls Club. If you enjoy the Boise Foothills, consider joining their Urban Garden Center or the Foothills Learning Center to provide public awareness of how to protect, take care of, or pick up trash from the trails. If you know a second language, help in the community as a translator for people who would have a difficult time due to language barriers (alongside medical staff, for example). If you enjoy playing in the dirt, get involved with Boise State’s own crop garden, BroncosGrow! If you enjoy playing soccer, consider becoming a coach for a community team. Your volunteering and community service involvement does not need to be health or health-care related!