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Alcohol & Drug

Substance Use and Mental Health Screening

Alcohol and Drug Screenings

University Health Counseling Services is committed to assisting those individuals who struggle with alcohol and drug use and are seeking to make changes. We complete both voluntary and mandated screenings.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Assessment (AODA) Screenings  are sanctioned through the Dean’s Office or Athletics due to a violation of the Campus Alcohol and Drug, Athletics, Residence Hall  and Apartment Policy: Boise State Policy  &  Student Athlete Handbook


Individuals who have been referred for a sanctioned screening will present to the University Health Services front desk to sign a release of information for the referring agency. This ensures that counseling staff can inform the appropriate entities that you have begun/fulfilled sanction requirements. Screening appointments are set up at the time the release is signed and must be scheduled in person.

The purpose of the AODA assessment is to assess the level of the client’s struggle with alcohol or drugs and set goals to be completed during the duration of services. AODA assessments can average between 2-4 sessions and cost $100 per session. If further treatment is needed beyond the sanctioned sessions, treatment can be billed to your insurance.

Voluntary Screenings

Alcohol and drug screenings are also available on a voluntary basis. A full intake assessment will be completed and your therapist will work with you to develop goals specific to your alcohol or drug use issues. The screenings listed above can be utilized to assess your substance abuse issues and to determine appropriate treatment measures. There is a spectrum of treatment options and needs ranging from an inpatient treatment center, intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient treatment.  At this time, Counseling Services primarily provides individual therapy but will also offer a variety of groups and other support on campus. Please let your provider know of any specific needs or concerns you may have while completing the screening process. If your needs are higher than the level of care provided through Health Services, your therapist will work with you to identify appropriate treatment options to meet your needs in the community.

Additional Policies :