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Fellowship Training Program

Counseling Services at Boise State University embraces a model of diversity in service delivery. The Fellowship training program at Counseling Services offers a full range of training and development, with two levels of training positions: pre-graduate degree trainees (in both social work and counseling) and post-graduate, licensed part-time therapists.

Pre-Graduate Internship

We offer high-quality clinical experiences for pre-graduate degree trainees fulfilling their graduate program internship/practicum requirements in counseling, psychology, and social work.

Applications for Pre-Graduate Internships are accepted in January-March for the upcoming school year. Please e-mail cover letters and resumes to

Post-Graduate Fellowship

The professional fellowship is designed for counselors or social workers who have graduated/obtained licensure and want additional, supervised hours towards advanced licensure, or those who wish to get additional clinical training and experience.

Fellowship positions are considered part-time employment and are compensated accordingly. Post-graduate Fellowships positions are a 2-year position.

Post-Graduate Fellowship positions are posted to the Boise State Job center and various third-party job sites. Interested applicants are encouraged to regularly check these sites for open opportunities. For additional information or questions regarding the Post-Graduate Fellowship, please contact Brette Stephenson at:


For additional information or questions please feel free to contact:

Brette Stephenson, LCPC, PHD Candidate
Fellowship Program Coordinator
University Health Services
Boise State University
Ph: (208) 426-1459