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Traveler’s Health Assessment

Photo travel goods. Backpack, boots, hat, water bottle, etc.
  • Health Services is now offering a comprehensive travel health resource for all Boise State students, faculty and staff, and all dependents: The Traveler’s Health Assessment.
  • Services are easy to access and affordable: wait times are significantly lower than other clinics in the community.
  • Each year several hundred members of the Boise State University community travel outside of the United States in order to study, teach, perform research or other university-related duties. Much more travel for pleasure or recreation, often with family members.
  • Staying healthy while traveling is important; an injury or illness can quickly ruin a trip, be life-threatening, or cause life-long disability.
  • All international travel plans should include a visit to a health care provider. At Health Services, we call this a Traveler’s Health Assessment.

Our Traveler’s Health Assessment includes:

  • A review of your personal medical history and advice about how to manage physical or mental health issues in a foreign country.
  • A review and update of routine vaccinations that are recommended for safe travel anywhere.
  • Prescriptions for anti-malarial medications and recommended special vaccines for certain countries where unusual diseases can occur. (Examples include yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and typhoid vaccines)
  • Carry-along prescriptions for treating traveler’s diarrhea.
  • Assistance with obtaining extended quantities of personal medications.
  • Completion of any required paperwork related to the trip (For example: physical exam forms from an overseas university, medical clearance to travel or participate in international programs, etc.).