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Fellowship Application Process

Each fellowship process is unique, but they often follow a general progression. The following are typical steps that applicants should take.

  1. Do some research. Use our Fellowship List as a starting point.
  2. Decide the award(s) you are interested in, make note of the relevant deadlines, and complete the Fellowship Intake Form.
  3. Carefully absorb the contents of the awarding foundation’s website. You should be extremely familiar with the information provided.
  4. Optional but highly suggested: Create a spreadsheet listing the application requirements, and then determine the steps you need to take in order to meet these requirements by the deadline.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the online application form (if there is one). There are often questions that require short-answers that need to be drafted just as carefully as your personal statement. Knowing what the rest of the application asks for also helps you understand what should go in your personal statement. The order that your application will be read in will influence how you write your answers.
  6. Begin drafting your essay(s). Most essays go through at least 10 iterations before they are submitted, and those changes take time. This is why we recommend you start the process 6 months before the application deadline.As you are planning and writing your first drafts, we recommend that you visit the Writing Center and talk through your ideas with a writing consultant. They can help you generate and outline ideas, begin structuring your essays, and flesh out any parts that seem unclear. Once you have a solid rough draft, you can begin submitting your drafts to the Fellowship Advisors for feedback.
  7. Identify and contact the people that will write your letters of recommendation. These are not simple letters to write, so we recommend that you give your writers as much time as possible to write your letters. If possible, aim for multiple months’ notice.
  8. Gather any institutional documents like transcripts, language requirements etc. Fellowship Advisors can help you acquire some of the more difficult documents, such as language evaluations for languages not spoken by Boise State faculty; however, we need ample time to reach out on your behalf.
  9. If required, go through an evaluation by campus committee. Some grants require you to be interviewed by a panel of professors and/or other campus representatives. The Fellowship Advisors will provide you more information on this process if you apply for a grant that requires university nomination.
  10. Hit submit! We recommend that you try to submit your applications a few days in advance of the deadline in order to safeguard against technical malfunctions at the last minute. The wait time on applications varies from fellowship to fellowship. Some will let you know your results within a few weeks; others can take up to 10 months to let you know.