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Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are returning Honors students who receive leadership credit for facilitating classroom discussion and connecting incoming Honors students to various aspects of the university. To prepare them for these leadership roles, Mentors go through an extensive training on classroom management, academic advising, group formation, academic and campus resources, and leadership theory.

  • The Peer Mentor program helps address transition issues that new students may experience upon entering college. These include navigating class schedules, academic advising, communicating with professors, time management and organization.
  • Peer Mentors encourage new Honors students to make the most of their experience as they begin their college career.
  • Mentors serve as group facilitators during the annual Honors College Welcome Program and then gain valuable experience facilitating instruction in a classroom setting during the fall semester.

Applications for the Peer Mentor position will be open in March for the following Fall semester.