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Athlete Performance Academy

What is the Athlete Performance Academy?

The Athlete Performance Academy (APA) relies on age-appropriate training to create a model-learning environment to help athletes excel, all while giving them tools to help improve their training for years beyond their time with us.  The APA educates and trains high school athletes in the weight room. We focus on developing each athlete at their current level and teaching safe lifting technique while improving strength and agility throughout each session. Athletes will also gain the knowledge to create their own workouts to benefit them beyond the scope of their session with the APA. Our athletes average strength gains of 28% over the 4-week course.

Parent Testimonials

“Your camp was truly the highlight of our son’s summer.”

“The APA has made a lasting impression.”

“We appreciate their impact.”

“My son would call me after his workout and re-live the whole experience.”


The APA depends on the well-versed background knowledge of our staff to offer a comprehensive approach to training. Our staff is very passionate about movement sciences, with Bachelor and Masters level students helping organize daily activities and ensuring the follow-through of technique-oriented exercises. We are equipped with knowledge from The National Strength and Conditioning Association supplemented with up-to-date research and literature to help improve our understanding of designing the best program for our athletes.  We provide a knowledgeable, safe, and effective environment to help support multilateral athlete development. With a holistic mindset to training, we can provide athletes with an all-around beneficial experience that can add even more substance to their athletic portfolio.


The APA offers four-week sessions throughout the summer and school year on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. Each session is one hour and 15 minutes long.  Currently, the class size is eight participants between the ages of 14 and 18.  This class size ensures that each participant receives the very best training at a reasonable cost for the twelve 75-minute classes.

First session: June 3-28

Second session: July 8 – August 2

Both sessions will run Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9 AM to 10:15 AM

Registration is currently closed.