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By Jay Carlisle

Our esteemed director, Greg, has repeatedly encouraged us at IBO to strive to be a “world class” organization. I may be biased but am of the opinion that we’re very fortunate to employ a cast of very talented biologists and educators – of course including our all-star full-time employees but also extending to our hard-working volunteers and seasonal field assistants.  Does that count as World Class? Who am I to say?

What I can say is that our research and education work is having an increasingly global reach!

Just for fun, here are a few quick summaries to show just how far our activities are reaching.

Rob Miller
Rob Miller presents on the population dynamics of the Short-eared Owl in the western United States for the Raptor Research Foundation
  • Lastly, we authored and/or co-authored 3 peer-reviewed journal articles that were published in 2019 (IBO staff underlined) and we have numerous others in progress:
    • Askelson, K. K., R. A. Miller, J. D. Carlisle, G. S. Kaltenecker, J. F. Smith, and S. Bayard De Volo.  2019. Unusual North Goshawk mtDNA haplotype found in Rocky Mountains.  Journal of Raptor Research 53:358-360.
    • Miller, R. A., J. D. Carlisle, M. R. Jeffries, R. Haley, and J. G. Barnes.  2019. Winter Raptor Distributions and Habitat Associations Across Nevada.  Western Birds 50:114-141.
    • Coates, S. E., B. W. Wright, and J. D. Carlisle.  2019.  Long-billed Curlew Nest Site Selection and Success in the Intermountain West.  Journal of Wildlife Management 83:1197–1213.

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