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Curlew List

Use the table below to search for any of our currently or previously tracked curlews. You can sort by any of the column headings to find birds based on their leg flag, name, location, state, or status.

After searching for a bird, you can find them on the curlew profile page or tracking map to learn more about them.

Leg FlagNameLocationStateStatus
58JasperHorse Creek WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
61HermosilloNew Fork, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
101PippiRawhide Butte, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
102StratusRawhide Butte, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
103BessieRawhide Butte, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
104DoraTNC Flat RanchIdahoCurrently Tracking
105MontyBig Hole MTMontanaCurrently Tracking
106SkyeBig Hole MTMontanaCurrently Tracking
AAFrankACECIdahoCurrently Tracking
ACAtticusMPG Ranch areaMontanaPreviously Tracked
AEEmmettACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
AHHenriettaTNC Flat RanchIdahoPreviously Tracked
AJA.J.National Elk RefugeWyomingPreviously Tracked
AKVenusACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
ALFlorenceMPG Ranch areaMontanaPreviously Tracked
AMAdaACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
ANGoldiePahsimeroi Valley, IDIdahoPreviously Tracked
APByronMPG Ranch areaMontanaPreviously Tracked
ATCurly Fry20 Mile South FarmIdahoCurrently Tracking
AUBorahPahsimeroi Valley, IDIdahoPreviously Tracked
AXCurleyACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
AYValkyrieACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
CACarlACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
CCBethineACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
CHBabeMPG Ranch areaMontanaPreviously Tracked
CLBill LongingtonNational Elk RefugeWyomingPreviously Tracked
CNZarapitaHeart Mountain, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
CPGemACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
CTMilliePahsimeroi Valley, IDIdahoPreviously Tracked
CVHenryTNC Flat RanchIdahoPreviously Tracked
CYLadyPolecat, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
EAShotgunACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
EMThorACECIdahoCurrently Tracking
EPCanyonACECIdahoPreviously Tracked
ETE.T.Pinedale, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
EVMrs Bone New MexicoNew MexicoPreviously Tracked
HAAceNational Elk RefugeWyomingCurrently Tracking
HCLariatNew MexicoNew MexicoCurrently Tracking
HHAthenaOCTC, BoiseIdahoPreviously Tracked
HNVaquitaNew Fork, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
HPLong ShotSaratoga, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
HTJetTNC Flat RanchIdahoCurrently Tracking
HUNot Blondie New MexicoNew MexicoCurrently Tracking
HXLazaraTNC Flat RanchIdahoPreviously Tracked
HYHYGrand Teton National ParkWyomingPreviously Tracked
JCJay Jr.Daniel, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
JENapoleonMPG Ranch areaMontanaCurrently Tracking
JKSyringaOCTC, BoiseIdahoPreviously Tracked
JLE O Wilson Saratoga, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
JNEarl Lou Heart Mountain, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
JPGusMPG Ranch areaMontanaPreviously Tracked
JTValentineHeart Mountain, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
JUHope Polecat, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
JVStarSaratoga, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
JXFitbit Grand Teton National ParkWyomingCurrently Tracking
JYMrs Robinson MPG Ranch areaMontanaCurrently Tracking
KAZeusOCTC, BoiseIdahoPreviously Tracked
KCKaseyDaniel, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
KHPhoenix20 Mile South FarmIdahoPreviously Tracked
KJKJOCTC, BoiseIdahoPreviously Tracked
KLClayNew MexicoNew MexicoCurrently Tracking
KMJupiterOCTC, BoiseIdahoCurrently Tracking
KPHidalgoRawhide Butte, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
KTCometPahsimeroi Valley, IDIdahoPreviously Tracked
KUKURawhide Butte, WYWyomingPreviously Tracked
KVKevinTNC Flat RanchIdahoPreviously Tracked
KXKelliNew MexicoNew MexicoCurrently Tracking
LACinderOCTC, BoiseIdahoPreviously Tracked
LCBaconPahsimeroi Valley, IDIdahoCurrently Tracking
LEBeakerTNC Flat RanchIdahoCurrently Tracking
LHJack20 Mile South FarmIdahoCurrently Tracking
LKAlitasRawhide Butte, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
LMCortezSaratoga, WYWyomingCurrently Tracking
LNEllenOCTC, BoiseIdahoCurrently Tracking

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