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Curlew Locations

Satellite Tracking

Be sure to read more about each bird on our Curlew Profiles Page.

Wondering which leg flag code belongs to which bird? Browse our full list of curlews here.

This map sometimes doesn’t load. Try refreshing 2-4 times to get it to display properly. The map seems to display best using the Firefox web browser.

If you have questions or find map glitches, please email

Our map was built thanks to hard work by the folks at the Utah Department of Natural Resources. Thank you!

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We are working with a number of partner organizations to understand Long-billed Curlews across their range. By understanding migratory connectivity on a continent-wide scale, we can work together to better conserve this charismatic species!

You can view curlews tracked by Birds Canada on their migration map.

Read more about Smithsonian’s Migratory Bird Connectivity Project.

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