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Secondary STEM Education

IDoTeach offers “two degrees in one” for talented STEM majors who want to Make a Difference in their community, get cutting-edge knowledge in their field, and build valuable teaching skills.

The College of Education is moving the STEM Education program from IDoTeach into the Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies (CIFS) department effective July 1, 2023. STEM Education is not going away. Again, we are not shutting down the STEM Education program or courses, but there will be a change in where the program is delivered. As a student, your courses will still be available and you will remain on track to graduate. Stay tuned for updates! 

Part of the influential UTeach network, IDoTeach is the innovative secondary STEM teacher preparation program at Boise State University. Led by an interdisciplinary team of expert faculty, IDoTeach degrees are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematics, and Physics.


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STEM Teaching Pays in More Ways than You Think

Why Teach STEM?

  • Most people underestimate teacher salaries by $10,000-$30,000.
  • STEM teachers are in high demand and can land a job almost anywhere in the US.
  • Most teaching jobs have better retirement benefits than private industry.
  • There are student loan forgiveness programs and scholarships for teachers.
  • Teachers report higher job satisfaction than other STEM professionals.
  • Teachers are 6x more likely to say that they make a difference in people’s lives than other STEM professionals.

Scholarships Available

Learn about scholarship opportunities for STEM majors at every stage of teaching preparation.

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Try STEM Teaching for 1 credit

Get Started with STEM-ED 101

We invite all Boise State students to try out STEM teaching in a 1-credit class, STEM-ED 101: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching. Includes teaching STEM lessons in an elementary classroom.

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Program Highlights

Why IDoTeach?

Led by experts in STEM Education collaborating across the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Education, and Engineering, IDoTeach offers inquiry-based teaching preparation for STEM majors seeking to make a difference in the community.

  • Teaching experiences in K-12 classrooms starting in the first course
  • Valuable scholarship, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Rigorous Bachelor of Science Degrees make graduates highly competitive for STEM jobs


IDoTeach is big enough to offer valuable opportunities, small enough to offer personalized support. Stop by our offices on the 4th floor of the Education Bldg, email us at, or submit a form below.

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Secondary STEM-Education Emphasis Options


Scholarships, Internships, and more

Faculty & Staff

Co-directors, faculty advocates, and more


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Live and learn together

STEM Education Living-Learning Community

Join a residential community for 20 students interested in STEM and education topics, with preference for those pursuing secondary STEM teaching.

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